Everything in life is vibration.

- Albert Einstein

WOOM CENTER is the holistic lovechild of east and west, tradition and innovation, the personal and the communal. Seamlessly blending the ancient practices of yoga and meditation, the universal expressions of dance and movement, the need for fresh, plant-based, organic and seasonal nutrition, and most importantly, the divine languages of sound and music.

WOOM is inspired by many philosophies, yet follows no particular one. It is nondenominational, unbiased and fear-free. It is oneness-centered, pro-choice and love-driven. It is about what brings us together and makes us realize how undeniably connected we are.

We seek to incite curiosity among our fellow humans regarding their higher states of consciousness, and to offer the perfect setting to explore them naturally and safely. It is not only our right, but also our cosmic responsibility, to grow and transform. We want to make this exploration available for everyone, every day, especially for the extraordinarily loud, high vibrational people of New York City.

A comprehensive & full mind/body/spirit experience

Based primarily on the therapeutic properties of sound vibration,
WOOM CENTER features:

WOOM Sound

A custom-designed 3D sound system that allows vibration to reach all bodies equally

WOOM Sight

An immersive, audio-reactive visual installation

WOOM Scent

A scent diffusing system introducing our signature essential oil blend

WOOM Taste

WOOM Café, a chef-designed organic vegan restaurant and lounge