Before we make music, music makes us.

– Joachim-Ernst Berendt

JULY 20-26, 2020

We have decided to move our upcoming program to cyberspace, in order to accommodate those who are
unable to travel, and to make sure we are all safe as we gather.

This second 7-day intensive module expands upon concepts and techniques learned in the previous
module and encourages a further understanding of both the theory and practice of the sound meditation
experience, as it is viewed from a multi-disciplinary lens.

The program is hosted by WOOM co-founders, Elian Zach and David Shemesh, and supported by
ethnomusicologist, sound researcher, and renowned sound practitioner Alexandre Tannous. Along with a
team of experts in the field, this intimate module will focus on personal guidance, techniques and
approaches toward select overtone-rich instruments, as well as provide a scientific and academic body of

  • School will commence at 11am EST every day for about 6 hours via Zoom (Zoom link (to be sent to you via email before school starts).
  • The Zoom portion of training will be 25 hours of our total of 50, and will include primarily theory (as well as little practice)
  • 5 hours will be dedicated to reading and watching (material will be emailed 2 weeks prior to start date).
  • 20 hour of practicum will be completed at WOOM CENTER (for NY based) with Elian and Alexandre, as well as in Laurel Canyon (for west coast-based) with David.
  • Practicum sessions will be in groups of 10 people, while taking all necessary precautions.
  • This module is available only to module I graduates and to sound practitioners with two or more years of experience.


  • Understanding Sound & Acoustics
  • Overtone-Emitting Instruments, The Body & The Brain
  • Singing Bowls: Types, Technique & Culture
  • Gong Techniques & Practice
  • Sequencing: Curating an Experience
  • Practice & Play
  • Psychoacoustics & Medical Research on Sound
  • The Power of Words: Guiding into Trance Using the Voice
  • Toning & Vocalization

JULY 20-25, 2020
8AM – 5PM

(with 1-hour lunch break)


Early Bird
by May 20

Early(ish) Bird
by June 15

Just a Bird
from June 16

We require a $500 deposit. It is non-refundable, and will be due upon acceptance notice to secure your
spot in the program, as spots are very limited. In order to secure early and early(ish) rates, tuition must
be paid in full by the respective deadline – no exceptions!

We offer two payment plan options, which divide the total sum of tuition into
two monthly auto-pay installments:

  1. The full sum divided into 2 installments
  2. Balance without deposit divided into 2 installments (must settle deposit first)

In order to secure early and early(ish) rates, the first installment must be set up by the respective deadline.